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Everything You Should Know About Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant (endosseous implant) is a fixture that is surgically placed into your dental cavity, for the sole reason of replacing a loss tooth or filling in an empty cavity in order to function like a normal tooth to regain regular functions. A dental implant is made up of three main parts: the implant, the abutment and the crown. The implant is the part of the dental fixture that interfaces with the jaw or the bone structure that supports the dental cavity. The process involved in the dental cavity surgery is osseointegration, it is a biological process that forms a strong bond between the implant and the bone.

The healing time for the dental implant will depend on the patient and their current health situation. Their reaction to the medicine will directly affect the recovery time and the time for the osseointegration process to finish.

The angle and position of the dental implant will be critical to how the dental implant will properly function, the angle and position is very important because the implant will be involved in a lot of biomechanical functions like chewing and talking. There is a lot of technology involved in determining the angle and the position of the implant, the position and the angles of the adjacent teeth are also taken into consideration during the placement of the implant.

Who should get Dental Implants?

Dental implants should be availed by people who were born without a full set of teeth, or missing tooth/teeth. People who have suffered trauma and had their teeth knocked out should also consider getting dental implants, and also people who have had dental problems which resulted to their loss of teeth should also get dental implants.

What are the risks of getting Dental Implants?

  1. Dental implants don’t come at a cheap price – in fact it is pretty expensive. So without proper insurance or a solid financial plan, you could be looking at thousands of dollars worth in expenses.
  2. Dental implants, if not strongly cared for, are very prone to infection on the implant site. The gums and the dental cavity is a very sensitive place and so an individual should be very careful in attending to the implant site.
  3. The surgery itself could be risky as well because of all the nerves, vessels and bone structures in the area. Injury is not an impossibility.

What are the benefits of getting Dental Implants?

  1. You can smile naturally again – your dental implants will look and feel naturally, just like your real teeth. With dental implants you’d be showing off that gleaming smile once more, your full set of teeth will be one of your most beautiful features.
  2. It protects your facial bone structure and your teeth. Having empty slots in tour dental cavity will damage the jaw and will spark muscle deterioration in the jaw region. Getting dental implants as soon as you lose your teeth will help with bone strengthening and recovery. Dental implants will also prevent your teeth from grinding on spots that they are not supposed to be grinding against.
  3. It’s a confidence booster. Having empty slots on your dental cavity can make you speak differently and eat with difficulty. Sometimes it can cause you to accidentally spill food from your mouth without you knowing. With dental implants and a full set of teeth, you would be able to eat normally and speak fluently once again.
  4. Dental implants are meant to last a lifetime. Compared to other tooth replacement methods, dental implants are the nearest to a permanent fix – so need not worry on replacing the dental implants that you got.