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In recent years teeth whitening has become more popular. There are many commercials and informational programs about teething whitening. You can choose from a vast range of methods to whitening your teeth. The method can be inexpensive or expensive depending on what you choose. Professionally whitening can be done by your dentist or you can choose an at home method. Professional teeth whitening can be costly so many people choose with a basic method of whitening before jumping into the big leagues.

Some of the in store options can be done in the comfort of your home. Whitening works best in choice by making sure you follow the directions and the after care instructions as well. There are gels you can apply, teeth whitening strips or teeth whitening toothpaste to choose from for at home methods. The gel method usually involves you wearing a mouth guard for your upper and lower teeth for several minutes at a time. Some of the gel methods can come with a bright UV or blue light to help the ingredients work better. Normally you can see results as soon as the treatment is over, however, be mindful whitening results will always vary and it will be based on what shade your teeth are before you apply whitening methods. The toothpaste is probably the less evasive method out of all and a gradual process as well. Most whitening toothpaste says you will see results in two weeks to a month so if you’re looking for immediate or instant whitening results the toothpaste method isn’t best for you. Next for an at home method are the teeth whitening strips. These can be purchased at a drug store or most local shopping centers. These can be applied to your teeth and basically stuck on and worn for several moments at a time, similar to the gel and mouth guard.

Professional whitening is usually done at a dental office. The method is not guaranteed and can vary from patient to patient. Again the results are always based on the shade your teeth are currently at before whitening. After care of any whitening is important and key. It is smart to avoid food and drink that could stain or weaken your new shade. Even when eating or drinking such items there are precautions to consider. Always us a straw to drink dark colored beverages, even red wine. And if you are eating foods like spaghetti or pizza be sure to brush as soon as you can. This helps to minimize staining ad to help maintain your new shade.

Any method of whitening moderation is the key. Whitening of any method should be limited to help preserve the enamel on your teeth and to decrease sensitivity. The gums should be avoided when whitening but sometimes they can become irritated so it’s best to use whitening as directed and as little as possible to avoid any damage. To make sure your choice of whitening is working best for you always take before and after pictures. This will always give you a good idea of what your shade was before. Sometimes because initial results are minimal it can hard to see a change but a close up side by side of before and after pictures are a good judges of your results.