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What To See At The Louisville Zoo


From lions and tigers to polar bears and giraffes, there are dozens of animals to see while you’re at the Louisville Zoo. Before you visit the zoo, take a few minutes to plan your course so that you don’t miss out on any of the activities. The zoo is open every day of the year, making it a bit easier to plan around your schedule. Keep in mind that many of the animals tend to stay sheltered when the weather turns colder in the winter.

There are special events for holidays throughout the year. Wild Winter Days is a fun event that allows guests to purchase a few zoo souvenirs to take home and give as gifts while viewing the zoo when it’s decorated for Christmas. Santa Claus stops by the zoo at the Santa Safari event. Many of the exhibits have decorations on the outside, and there are numerous lights and decorations in various other areas of the zoo.

Aside from seeing animals from North America, you can see animals from Africa, Australia, the Islands, and South America. There are also animals that call the glaciers home as well as freshwater and saltwater animals. The zoo features certain animals on rotation each month so that you can learn more about them and where they live. While you’re in Africa, you can watch the massive elephants or visit the Boma Petting Zoo where you can pet a camel and other animals. Wallabies and lorikeets are animals seen in Australia. There’s also a splash pad for kids to enjoy. While at Glacier Run, you can look at the cliffs that have been designed to look like habitats for polar bears and seals. There are times set aside each day so that you can view the animals being fed. Glacier Run is perhaps one of the most popular exhibits because of the ways the polar bears swim in the water and how the seals and sea lions perform tricks at times when they are being fed.

The Herpaquarium features a trip down the Amazon River where you can see a variety of snakes, bats, frogs, and other reptiles. The Islands offers tigers and crocodiles as well as a bird path. While exploring South America, you can view wolves, flamingos, and jaguars. Each exhibit is designed to look as similar to the animal’s natural habitat as possible. The trails in the zoo are clearly marked, making it easy to walk from one section to another at your own pace. There are shuttles available if you don’t want to walk throughout the entire zoo.

Aside from all of the animals, there are several fun attractions that you can do while at the Louisville Zoo. Enjoy a drink or a snack from one of the small vendors set up throughout the zoo or a nice meal at one of the restaurants. There is a carousel that features a variety of animals instead of just the horses that you would normally see on this fun ride. There are short interactive sessions where you can touch some of the smaller animals as well as pony and camel rides. Complete your day by visiting one of the souvenir stores or playing on one of the playgrounds.

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