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There are many advantages to using teeth whitening strips. For one, they are much less expensive than having to go to the dentist. They are also convenient since you can pick them up at most drugstores or supermarkets where you need to do your shopping anyway. You don’t have to make an appointment and then go to the dentist and take time out of your day to get it done.

How to Use Your Teeth Whitening Strips

A box of teeth whitening strips will run about $20 to $40 while laser procedures at the desists will cost anywhere from $600 to $1,200. With teeth whitening kits you simply apply a gel to the inside of your tooth tray or mouthpiece and then apply to your teeth for several hours. Teeth whitening strips are easier to use since all you need to do is remove a strip from the box and then apply the adhesive side to your teeth.

The strips typically need to be worn for about 30 minutes for a session, so you want to make sure that you eat and drink before you do the session if it’s lunchtime. You just need to make sure that you follow the directions so that you get the results you were hoping for. Before you start you should make sure that your teeth are clean. Brush and rinse and then dab them with a clean towel to remove any moisture. This will help the strips to stick your teeth better. You should place the bottom strip on first and then place the top one onto your teeth. Once the time is up you simply peel the strips off and rinse any gel away.

Will You Damage Your Teeth?

There has been some debate as to whether or not teeth whitening strips are bad for you. It depends on the type of strips that you get. If you get the cheapo ones, you have no guarantees that they will not damage your teeth at least to some extent. But if you spring for the higher end and more expensive strips you are probably not going to cause any damage to your teeth.

The reason that the lower-end strips may be more likely to cause damage to your pearly whites is that they normally contain chlorine dioxide which is the same acid you will find in swimming pools to keep them sanitary. Just double check that you don’t see that ingredient on et label and you should be good to go.

Teeth whitening strips are a great way to whiten your teeth on your schedule and a budget. The effects will last a long time as well, and the more expensive ones have been proven to be very effective. You may even get to enjoy the results of up to two years.

Teeth whitening strips are not uncomfortable, and they are a good way to get your teeth nice and white. They are also a one-size-fits-all so all you need to do is grab a box off the shelf and you are all set. If your teeth are damaged or if you don’t have much enamel on your teeth you should first focus on getting your teeth stronger by using enamel-strengthening toothpaste and getting plenty of calcium into your diet.

Teeth whitening strips are effective, and they will dissolve discoloration leaving your teeth nice and white. To keep them white for as long as possible try to avoid foods and drinks that will stain them such as coffee and red wine.