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Oral care is very important. Often times it is overlooked as a part of being healthy. Good oral hygiene promotes a healthier life style. If you are diligent with brushing flossing and routine dental visits you avoid dental pain and other health issues associated with poor oral hygiene. Going to the dentist is a task most people dread. Either they feel it’s is not necessary or they may be afraid to. However, routine visits to a dentist should be consider just as a regular health care check up to your medical doctor.

One of the most important things you can do at your dental visit is communicate. Ask questions to your dentist or dental hygienist. Let them know of any concerns you have experience and get help with ways to better care for your oral hygiene. Many times people ignore small dental problems because they may feel like it’s not a big deal. However, prevention is key and eliminate having to undergo costly dental work.

Once you find a dentist you are comfortable with visit every six months. When you are exam ask questions about your X-rays, teeth and gums. If there has been noticeable changes or discomfort be sure to mention it. Also never be afraid to address issues like bad breath. Sometimes there is an underlining problem and it should be address. If you are not sure if you’re flossing enough or properly ask your dentist to show you how. Each person is unique so you want to be sure you ask about what tooth paste and other oral care products would be best for you to use. What works well for one persons may not work as well for another. Lots of patients use the same toothpaste or mouthwash for years but there may be a product that your dentist can recommend for you. Make your visit with your dentist count get the care you need and also get the answers you deserve. Besides you only get one set teeth.

Another topic to consider to inquire about is your dental insurance. This may be a better question for the front office staff but it’s definitely worth inquiring about. Dental insurance is helpful but there are some stipulations and loop holes. Be sure to ask if your dentist is in network with your insurance carrier. If you choose to see an out of network dentist you may be subject to higher out of pocket fees. For example, a basic cleaning is generally covered twice a year at no additional fee to the insurance carrier and dependents but if you see an out of network dentist this routine visit could cost you. X-rays are also considered routine but most dental insurances only allow a certain amount per year so if X-rays are needed be sure to ask if they will be covered by insurance for that visit or if you will be responsible to cover the fee. It’s always best to be prepared and ask questions so you and your dentist can build a lasting relationship and have a clear understanding.