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Mega Caverns Activities In Louisville, Kentucky

In Kentucky, the Mega Caverns are ranked number 1 on Tripadvisor’s website and have much to offer visitors who want to explore things to do in the great Blue Grass state. Located at 1841 Taylor Ave, Louisville, Kentucky 40213, The Mega Caverns are open Sundays-Thursdays 8 a.m.to 9 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 12 a. m. A public sightseeing tour agency, Louisville, Kentucky‘s Mega Caverns are known to being one of the largest caverns in the United States of America. Built by a giant Limestone quarry, the Mega Caverns were obtained by a group of private investors in 1989 who saw a possibility of potential. These private investors eventually wanted to turn a portain of the caverns into a high-security commercial storage facility. Currently underground, the Mega Cavern is considered the biggest building and the most enormous-sized recycling building in the state of Kentucky. Founded by the great visionary Ralph Rogers, the Mega Caverns were mined from the 1930’s to the early 1970’s. Today the Mega Caverns are estimated to be 100 acres. Also, The Mega Cavern has been given a specific building code while being categorized by the Louisville Government as a underground ‘building’. Given it took nearly 12 years to obtain a underground building permit, the ground below and above both have separate zoning codifications. It is said that a person underground cannot recieve radio nor television signals while in the Cavern itself. There are currently a total of only four entrances and exits to get into and out of the Mega Cavern. The smallest of these entrances is just around 25 feet above the deluge wall.

The estimated year-long temperature in the Mega Caverns is known to be a average 58 degress fahrenheit. This means that these large Caverns do not change much in terms of temperature. The Mega Caverns are generally wet in the summertime and mainly dry in the winter with various fans used throughout the Mega Caverns to keep the fog down that becomes produced. These underground buildings have walls that are made of Fiber-rock and each one of these walls has a 2-hour fire rating. Today, around a estimated 70% of the Louisville, Kentucky Zoo is positioned just above these Mega Caverns. Being that this wonderful Blue Grass state has the largest caverns in the U.S., there is much to do for families and visitors alike coming to the great state of Kentucky to find adventure. Check out the Mega Tram Tour, which allows visitors to take a underground tram tour rich in history, geology, recycling and green building technology. This is a phenomenal tour for all, whether you love history and science or just want to do some fun cavern exploration. Because visitors ride instead of walk, the Mega Tram Tour is very convenient for the elderly and those who are physically disabled. They also provide wheelchair-assistant trams for those who are handicap. The Mega Tram Tour will be around 60-70 minutes long allowing those taking this tour to see various cavern formations, a replica of the Cuban Missile Fallout Bunker and a worm-tasting room just to name a few. There are no animals allowed in the caverns or on the tram tours so please leave your pets at home. The parking is free to the public so get there early to purchase your tickets soon before they sell out. The Mega Quest is a underground adventure for the young and old alike. This amazing Mega Quest is a exciting underground Ariel ropes challenge course great for the family to do as a team. This course comes complete with 76 challenges and safety climbing gear for each participant. Walk-ins are welcome and participants must sign a waiver before completing the Mega Quest adventure. Love riding bikes? Check out the wild Mega Bikes underground bike park with over 320,000 square feet of bike fun! With over 45 bike trails, Pump Tracks, Jumplines, BMX, Dual Slalom and more this Mega Bike Park is great for those ready to experience this cool underground bike park. Don’t forget to go see the six underground Mega Ziplines too. Included is a dual racing zipline and two challenge brisges that will put your balance and skill to the test. Mega Zips is a unique adrenaline-pumping ziplining experience that will thrill anyone who participates.

There is something for just about everyone in the creative city of Louisville, Kentucky.
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