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A dentist has the trained expertise to give you an enhanced smile. There are thousands of people that aren’t happy with their smile and turn to a cosmetic dentistry expert, family dentist, or orthodontist for help. A great smile can carry you a long way into adulthood. In fact, your smile can help you effectively communicate during face-to-face conversations. Unfortunately, individuals with a less than perfect smile tend to be reluctant to make very many interpersonal relationships. If you’re experiencing serious dental issues, you may need a full mouth restoration that should always be performed by a licensed dental professional.

What Is Full Mouth Restoration

A full mouth restoration focuses on better oral health and improving your way of life. Patients are repairing or restoring all the teeth in their mouth. A combination of esthetics and restoration are used to achieve full mouth restoration. A dentist that performs full mouth restoration is dedicated to oral health, appearance, and functions of their patients mouth. Full mouth restoral is more expensive than traditional cosmetic dentistry because it deals with your entire mouth. Patients get unique individual care that focuses exclusively on their smile. Are you a candidate for full mouth restoration?

How To Know You Need Full Mouth Restoration

Your mouth can go through full decay, trauma, or disease that can completely damage your smile. The dentist will give you a full assessment of your teeth. They will check for decay, root canal problems, cracks, and other issues that may require full mouth restoration. During your consultation, the dentist can listen to any concerns that you may have with your smile and make recommendations. They can also help you determine your desired look or how long you expect for your full mouth restoration to take for completion.

What To Expect From Full Mouth Restoration Treatment

An expert dentist will want to know your dental history before they begin full mouth restoration treatment. If you smoke, that also needs to be discussed During your dental consultation. They will also discuss your fear and anxiety with dental treatment. More importantly, you can discuss sedation options for your treatment. The condition of your gums will also be accessed. The dentist will find out if you you have enough gum tissue to pursue full mouth restoration. They will also check for periodontal diseases that can affect your procedure. Your overall dentistry will determine your oral care.

Accessing your bite is also very important. Your teeth are the lifeline for your food digestion. Your dentist needs to know if there’s pain when you chew or close your mouth. If there are other problems when you put your teeth together, you could be a candidate for fully restoring your mouth. Your bite restoration will be the most important part of your procedure. Your jaw muscles are also important to a dental procedure. Plus, the appearance of your teeth is very important to determine your candidacy for total mouth restoration. You’ll receive treatment design options and be able to use graphic technology to see what your smile will look like in advance.

Find out if full mouth restoration is covered under your dental plan by talking to your provider. The treatment can be phased out in a few months or over a few years. However, your dental professional should go over the full cost of total mouth restoration with you. Patients should consider the cost before they proceed. In fact, work with a professional that has experience with full mouth restoration procedures. Find out how many procedures they have performed in the past? Your smile should be given careful consideration along with acquiring an expert on full mouth restoration to perform your procedure.