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Elite Smiles Club

No Insurance? We've Got You Covered.

At Elite Smiles of Louisville, we value our patients above everything else. Our main priority is to strengthen the relationships between our patients and our practice.

We understand the financial hardship that dental costs can impose. That’s why we are offering a discount plan for our patients without insurance. We believe great smiles can be achieved at a reasonable cost, and we have designed our discount plan to reflect this philosophy.

Our patients will pay as little as $30 a month and receive 100% coverage on a variety of services including cleanings, emergency exams, and X-rays. We even provide discounts on our cosmetic procedures for members of our plan.

We hope that by offering a discount plan to those patients without dental insurance, we can focus on improving oral health without burdening our patients with financial stress.

We think you will agree that this plan is a great way to save money while still receiving top-notch care at Elite Smiles of Louisville.

Why Our Plan Is Better

• No Deductible
• No Yearly Maximum Coverage
• No Forms for Claims
• No Waiting Periods
• Exams & X-Rays Covered
• Substantial Discount on Cosmetic Procedures
• All procedures discounted

What Does the Elite Smiles Club Cover?

Diagnostic & X-Rays

  • 100% Comprehensive Exam
  • 100% 1 Annual Exam
  • 100% 1 Emergency Exam
  • 100% 4 Bitewing X-Rays
  • 100% PeriapicalFirstFilm
  • 100% Periapical, Each AdditionalFilm
  • 50% Complete Series X-Rayor Panorex


  • 100% Child Prophylaxis ( 2 per yr)
  • 100% Adult Prophylaxis (2 per yr)
  • 100% Fluoride
  • 100% Oral Cancer Screen (1 per yr)
  • 50% Sealants
  • 20% Additional cleanings (after 2)

All Other Procedures

  • 20% Fillings & Core Buildups
  • 20% Oral Surgery
  • 20% Root Canals
  • 20% Crowns
  • 20% Periodontal procedures/ SRP’s
  • 20% Dentures and partials
  • 10% Veneers/cosmetics
  • 10% Implants
  • $100 off In-Office Whitening
  • $50 off Take-Home Whitening Trays

Monthly and Annual Pricing Plans

Interested in learning more about the Elite Smiles Club?

Please give us a call at (502) 306-8013 to apply!