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When it comes to teeth whitening techniques there are several ways to go about getting a whiter and brighter smile. Your daily food and beverage consumption combined with the natural aging process can slowly strip away the luster and whiteness that makes your smile shine. One of the most obvious ways to help prolong your white smile comes with awareness and prevention of things that can tarnish the whiteness.

Coffee, soda pop, alcoholic beverages and tobacco use can all yellow and/or stain the teeth. Slowly the enamel will be stripped and this can eventually lead to dental erosion. If you absolutely must drink your coffee, pop or occasional alcoholic beverage you may want to consider drinking these beverages through a straw. This will help the liquid to bypass your teeth. Tobacco use should be prevented all together due to its damaging effects on your teeth, throat, lungs and overall health.

Once you have become aware of preventative ways to make your smile last longer you have a few options for whitening strategies. You can purchase products at your local drug store or big box store or you can make a natural whitener by making a paste out of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. We are going to discuss DIY (do it yourself) whitening techniques. If you do not feel comfortable with DIY techniques feel free to consult with your dentist about in office whitening options.

Over The Counter Whiteners:

  • Whitening tooth paste
  • Whitening mouth wash
  • Whitening strips
  • Tray based tooth whiteners

Whitening tooth paste – You can generally find whitening tooth paste at big box stores and drug stores. As you are browsing your oral care aisle you will find that your favorite brand of tooth paste will most likely also have a tooth paste dedicated to producing a whiter smile. There are whitening agents such as baking soda and peroxide in the tooth paste. Daily use of the product can eventually lift any yellowing from your teeth.

Whitening mouth wash – After you have brushed your teeth with whitening tooth paste you can follow up with whitening mouth wash. All of the major brands of oral care products have whitening wash and paste. When you pair the usage of both paste and rinse you enhance your chances of whitening.

Whitening strips – If you need to whiten your smile quickly you may want to try whitening strips. These are located in the same aisle as your tooth paste and mouth wash. Whitening strips are applied directly to the teeth. Each contains a mixture of natural bleaching ingredients such as peroxide and baking soda. The strips are used every day and over the course of three to seven days you will notice a brighter smile. These are typically used for about twenty to thirty minutes.

Tray based tooth whiteners – These kits are also sold in the oral care aisle. You are supplied with two dental molds that will fit securely around your upper and lower teeth. You fill each tray with included gel and then place the trays in your mouth. These trays are similar to retainers. These will also produce whiter teeth after one to three uses.

Once you have decided upon which method you want to use you can begin the at home whitening. You may find one method will work better for you than another. DIY whitening is a easy way to achieve a brighter and white smile in the comfort of your own home.