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Smiling isn’t so easy when you’re missing teeth, but dentures aren’t exactly desirable by anyone. They’re sometimes difficult to wear due to improper fit or other restrictions, but that’s only one of the many concerns people have over dentures. Dental implants offer a dentures alternative that can help you smile without reservation. Many patients prefer implants these days and there is little wonder why. They look and feel more like the natural teeth and do not come out of the mouth like dentures. They’ll also last a lifetime with proper care. Sadly, the costs of implants are considerably more than the costs of dentures, leaving many people wondering how they’ll cover the costs to use this tooth replacement option. Luckily there are a few ways to cover the costs of dental implants.

Dental Implant Cost

Dentures cost as little as $500 although some cost into the thousands of dollars. Insurance also pays the costs of dentures in most cases. Dental implants costs vary from one dentist to another, however, may cost as much as $2,200 each. One implant alone is a lot of money to spend on a replacement tooth, so imagine the concern when several replacement teeth are needed! Many factors determine costs, including the amount of work needed to prepare the gums for the implants, the number of implants needed, and more. Many dentists offer deeply discounted rates for patients who need several implants.

Will Insurance Pay For Dental Implants Costs?

Do not look to the insurance company to cover the costs of dental implants in any portion. Since the procedure is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, most dental insurance providers will not pay for the costs. Of course, some insurance providers may offer policies that cover costs of implants so it pays to review your policy and speak with an agent to learn if your policy pays any portion of the costs. While insurance may not cover the cost of the implants themselves, it may cover some of the procedures necessary to install the implants. Again, it is best to call the insurance agent with whom you’re insured with to learn what is and what is not covered under your policy and take advantage of any fees that they’ll cover to minimize the costs of dental implants.

How to Pay for Dental Implants

Dentists always accept cash and credit card payments at the time of services being rendered. Patients who cannot pay the costs up front may look into in-office payment plans and financing options available for third-parties. An application must be completed to determine eligibility for credit/financing. It is in your best interests to complete the application and gain financing approval before the day of the appointment with the dentist. Applicants with good credit may be approved for one or both of these financing options. Be sure that you can agree to the terms of service before accepting the loan.