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How Much Is The Average Visit To The Dentist?

The average does not visit the dentist as often as they should. Many people only go to the dentist when there is a dental problem, or a toothache. The insurance companies does not make it easy to see the dentist regularly. Even with some insurances the cost of visiting the dentist is still more than a person can afford, so they neglect their dental health. Having a group insurance policy while on a job is very beneficial for those who are still employed. Unfortunately, there are many who do not have this advantage.

The initial dental visit

When a person goes to the dentist for the first time, the procedure includes a complete dental xray. No matter what the problem, or the reason for the visit, an xray must be taken. A person who is only seeing the dentist because they are in need of an extraction due to pain will still get an xray first. A patient who does not want the pictures taken of their teeth because it is an extra expense can not avoid this first step. This is the only way that the dentist can accurately see inside the mouth to determine what is going on. A routine visit would actually include the xrays and a cleaning done by the dental hygienist. The cost could be anywhere from $80.00 to $175.00. For a thorough cleaning by the dentist, the cost could be up to $200.00.

The average cost for dental services

Once the initial visit to the dentist is done, the patient may be told that they need more dental work done. Without insurance, these procedures can be very expensive, especially if they are unexpected dental emergencies. The following costs only indicate the average for these services, but will differ according to location.

  • Fillings can range in price from $50 for a single silver filling, up to $4,500 for a porcelain or cast gold filling.
  • Extractions can be as low as $50-$300 for a non surgical extraction with a tooth eruption, up to $650 for an extraction that requires surgery and the use of anesthesia.
  • Crowns cost an average of $321 up to $820, and depends on the type of material used for the crown.
  • Root canals are for those who have damaged, infected, or exposed tooth roots. The cost to cut and repair ranges from $120-$185 for a single tooth.

Dental expenses are inevitable for the majority of people. At some point in their lives they will need to visit the dentist regardless of the cost. Dental services may not be comparable in the same city, but most dental offices try to be offer competitive prices. The low end of the average pricing is what many people opt for. Having a wide range of costs, starting with an inexpensive service is just what the average, every day person needs when a dental situation happens. Getting a routine cleaning with the dental hygienist will be as beneficial as getting the more thorough one with the dentist. Knowing the lowest cost will help more people who will eventually need dental services.